Project: Organization

I love when things are organized, don't you? It feels relaxed, clean and well, yes, organized. Before we hit the road, we stored most all of our household possessions in our two horse trailers. Problem is, we moved into a house with less than half the square footage.

We've unpacked a lot of our boxes right into our garage, which itself is huge compared to what we had, so that helps. But there was no organization and really, it was the last thing on our mind.
A mess of boxes and "stuff"

We have this very odd room in one of our barns ... used to be some sort of grain storage with a sloped floor in all directions. On the sides though, it had shelving. While we have no interest in walking on slanted floors we knew we could recycle and re-purpose those shelving units.
Old Grainary Room

It took us half a day, but we now have a corner of mostly organized storage. OK, boxes. But, I know what's in them. :-) As you can see, we still have tons of "stuff" not on the shelves, but we have more shelving to take out of the grainary room and we have committed to emptying 2 boxes a week every Sunday - we'll consolidate boxes and give stuff away that we just aren't going to need for a couple years. It's a little step but it feels good.

What organization projects are you working on?

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