Bulls Have Teats

Ever heard the expression, "about as useful as teats on a bull"? I'd heard it many times over the years particularly from the folks. Never thought twice about it though. Until now. I was so worried about our bull with these strange little things that were on his testicles. Come to find out, bulls DO have teats. I don't completely understand it yet, but do know that those little things are a telling sign of what his daughter's teats will look like. What do these ones say? I have no idea. You?


  1. Oh now I am not sure if a boar has teats. I looked around and could not find much. Some say they lie in a row like on the female. Is this a picture of your own hog? www.littleutahfarm.blogspot.com Very good post. It makes one think.

  2. Hi Deborah, Sorry for the delay in commenting back ... something about fencing, new horses, etc. :-) This is not a boar, he's a bull (cow), not sure if boars have teats either ... we've never kept them around long enough to find out. LOL!