Tire Safety on the Road

We've heard from many, many full timers about all sorts of tire failures and the problems then related. After almost 8 months on the road, we had our turn.

Didn't even know we had a tire failure until we pulled into our camping spot for the night. Here's another view:

Once again, we are in total awe of God's grace. Our fully loaded camper ran on one tire, while the other left little bits and pieces of itself along the highway. All we can say is, thank you Lord. 


  1. Just found your blog.We are a family getting ready to hit the road and we also are looking for some land to have a farm on at the end of our travel adventures. Our girls have been trying to figure out where we could put a pony to take one with us :) Hope to meet you somewhere on the road and talk about farm dreams!


  2. I also just found your blog. I used to drive by your farm on my way to work everyday. My sister-in-law Connie Vermillion knows you through church and used to tell me I needed to meet you and that I was just like you. After reading your blog she is right. My husband and I will be going on the road in our RV to find a place we can afford to have a small farm also next April. We have only 1/2 acre in Clearview right now. I have as much on it as I can get. We have had a cow, pigs, llama's, goats and chickens. Right now we only have chickens, dog and a rabbit with a large garden. Since we want to leave I don't want to get any new animals. I have taught farming & herb classes, raised chickens and pigs for meat. We have also trained horses in our past and have been missing them so much. We are planning on getting 3 Fjords. We want to use them on the farm as well as trail riding. It was nice to read your blog and know there are others just like us out there.

  3. Welcome ladies! We have so loved being able to really "adventure" on our road trip. The hardest parts (or what seemed like the longest times) were when we didn't have places to see and explore. Enjoy the journey and I hope that God will lead your path to the perfect farm/land for you!