Sunshine and Pain Free

I've never spent a November outside of Washington state before. Let me qualify that by saying I was born in Seattle, spent two years in Spokane and moved back to the "west side" to be closer to my family. So this is a first. And I'm LOVING it.

Me: Loving Sunshine!
Right now, we're in Orlando, Florida. I can see why so many folks spend winter here! As someone with moderate arthritis in my low back, the warmth is amazing. There is no pain and I can say most of this trip as we've followed the sun and warmth, I've lived pain free.

As I used to teach the riding lessons, back at the farm year round, winter was what I always dreaded. I loved "my kids" and teaching them, but after a day of teaching outside in the cold I would be in pain for days. Thankfully, last year, one of my dear friends and horsewomen as well took over my lessons for the winter for me. Thank you Anne!

On a side note, we're really working on our budget for the next two weeks or so while we're here. Huge bonus: with our campground membership, we have 2 free nights and after that, it's only $3 a day, saving us $20+ every night! That savings is going directly to our fun money. Or at least to a wiring repair on the trailer.

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