A homemade Christmas wreath

Last year after Christmas I decided I wanted a bigger wreath ... and then I saw their price tags- OUCH! I am by NO means Martha Stewart, but this seemed simple enough to make a bigger wreath for our entry way. Ended up finding things on sale and clearance and here is what I made:

I wish the lights would have shown up better, but here it is. I thought I would share some of my process and you can make your own wreath this year, with the colors and lights exactly how you want them.

I started with a basic, green wreath, a box of lights, a couple bouquets of silk flowers and berries, a bow and some simple wire cutters and a hot glue gun.

First thing I did was to test the lights and then wrap them around the wreath. Yes, I actually wrapped them all the way around. It ends up lighting the wall a little but I like the glow it gives off at night. By the way, we did end up getting some of the LED lights, so not only will we have a smaller electric bill for Christmas, but they will last longer as well.
After that was the bow. Much easier to put the bow on first than to try and find a place for it afterward. I wove it in and out, but kept it completely on the front.

Next, I cut all the flowers off the stems and put them in a jar...

Then I simply started putting the silver poinsettia's around the wreath evenly. I would put a dab of hot glue on the base of the flower and slide it in. Next the red and finally, where ever there seemed to be a little "extra" space, I put in the berries. I always slid them in first to make sure it looked right for me, before I put the glue on them.
That is it hanging while I am making sure all the glue is setting.

What is your next adventure for Christmas? Baking, decorating? Come on and share.

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