Scaling Down

Well, we are less than a month out from our move and are at the point of scaling down. The farm part had to be the first to scale back - what exactly do we have to keep and why.

Elsie Rose
We ended up deciding that we had to keep 2 horses ... Elsie Rose, who is my little princess. Right there almost with my oldest daughter. She was my first Fjord and although she has her little "horse moments", she is still one of the great horse loves of my life. And then there's Ole. While we've toyed with the thought and even put him up for sale, we really can't part with him. How can you replace a stallion of his quality and temperament for the price we did have on him? Between training, long hours and entry fees alone, it would cost double his pricetag. That doesn't even include trying to find the right bloodlines and purchase cost orginally. They are keepers.

While we truly love and adore the other mares, we could not justify trying to keep them all while we are on the road. They have found amazing homes and are going to do great things with their new owners.

We've also decided to keep most of the tack. We'll have a tack & yard sale to get rid of a few extras, but with horse gear continuously increasing in price, it really is not a bad idea to keep the great stuff.

Now for the house and the rest of the property though ... we've lived here for 15 years. Talk about accumulation! Craigslist has been a great friend for us. We've been able to sell quite a bit of good stuff. You know - that stuff that sits around and is too good to just throw out or give away? OK, time to let go! It's also given us a little spending money that we didn't know we'd have. Bonus!

For now, we're going through, room by room, to see exactly what has to stay. Next post will be about what we are going from (the house) to what we are going to (the 5th wheel). 2400 sq ft to 240 sq ft.

Ready to join us for the adventure?

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