Minimalism. Life in 240 sq ft. The New Normal.

In the last post, I said we were going from about 2400 square feet for our house (doesn't include the garage or the pump house where we store all sorts of things too) all the way down to 240 sq ft! From this: 
To this:

Some of the comments we've heard so far range from:
Wow, that's really cool, where are you going to put everything? "How are 4 of you going to actually survive in such tight quarters [yes, there are 5 of us but our oldest is staying with grandma and continuing her work]?" "What are you going to do with all your stuff?" "You can't possibly go on the road for more than a couple
weeks in such a small space."
To: "You are such an inspiration to our family." "I am so excited to see how your family does." and "We wish we could follow along behind you".  Yep, it's run the gammet for questions and ideas. But what it comes down to is: What will we actually bring?

Well, here we will start to share a little of our New Normal.
The boys. They have each had their own room in the past. A lot of time, they ended up sharing a room because they love each other so much (or really, truth be told, like to get in trouble together and see if they can torture their mom). One of the rooms look like this:
 Nothing fancy, but it makes do for a boy's bedrooms with plenty of storage. They will be going to this:
Bunk beds for the boys!
The top bunk with a nice picture window.

Storage for both of the boys
 They each have a bunk bed area that is about a full size bed area. They have a small cubby in the wall to hold a couple books, magazines, etc. plus their sleeping space. They each get two drawers and two shelves in the cabinet above. And yes, that is a TV. I'm not expecting it to work for actual television often as I'm guessing we won't be plugged into cable TV hook ups. Hopefully, we will run across some Redbox or Blockbuster kiosks to catch up on some movies we haven't seen over the last few years.

So, I will be brave tomorrow and share more of our new normal. Like the living/dining room combo. Big for a RV ... not so much in comparison to what we've had. And the "master bedroom"? Yikes. Not ready to share that one yet. :-)

What do you think? What have been some great adventures you've been on?

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