Over 60 percent Sold Out for Farm Life Camp

I can't believe it! Our earliest year ever for so many parents signing their children up early - today is March 2, 2011 and we are 61% sold out. Yes, we did limit the number of days we are offering this summer, but only by a few less.

The week in August only has 1 opening left and - as we suspected - the July 4-8 week has more openings available. I will say, if you will be home, the 4th of July will be a super special day around here. Not just because it's a holiday and we'll have some fun activities for that day, but because they will also learn some of those things we do only ONCE a year to help protect our livestock from the dangers of the 4th.

Hurry and get your kids signed up...I'm leaving the discounted price up for just a couple more days.

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