Not Fantasy Football. Fantasy Farming. Resolution 3.

Resolution 3 - keep dreaming. 

They guys have their fantasy football teams and I have my fantasy farm. No I don’t play the online game, trade my “animals” or even play with my toys, but I do have them. They sit on my one of my kitchen window sills looking at me every time I walk into the kitchen. Or look out at the real chickens in their pasture.

There are the Fjord horses of course, but you can see there are a few more critters. Chickens, pigs, cows, rabbits, ducks, goats, sheep and yes, there are a couple of those true “fantasy” animals: the elephant and the zebra. No, I don’t really want to raise those, but they are cool animals. The rest – you bet! Earlier this year, those cute little piggies sitting on my window sill were the only ones we had on the farm. You see, I think of my funny little window sill as a visual reminder of my goals. Yes, they are written down and yes, I go back and look them over, but the figurines give life to my vision. Funny as it sounds, it was all a dream.

As I was in the process of selling my prior business, people asked what I was going to do next. I was too young to retire. The dream I had was of a large farm where we would have a variety of livestock animals and groups of people would come out to learn about them. To get up close and personal with the animals, not looking from behind a big glass window. And unique breeds, heritage breeds. Not the genetically modified breeds of today, but true hearty breeds that can have babies on their own, withstand temperature changes and lack of shelter (if need be) as well as be thrifty. Ones our grandparents and great grandparents raised. For good reasons.

For now, until we have our larger farm, I have my fantasy farm...in my mind, on paper as well as my window sill.

Do you like to share your hobby with others? Or is it something just for you?

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