Farm Life Camp 2011 - Resolution 4.

Resolution 4 ... Give more. Coming up in the following days, you will see what I mean.

 Well, it's that time of year when you super organized parents start looking into summer camp - as a mom myself I am so impressed with you!

I'm a last minute kind of gal for a lot of stuff, but understand others are not, so here it is - for YOU. We have a special savings for those of you who like to do things early.

Dates for Farm Life Camp are now up and available for registering. We've changed things a bit ... we are only offering full, week long camps this year. The biggest reason for this change was because we - the kids and us - had so much fun last year during our week long camps that it seemed silly not to continue. It also will greatly reduce the paperwork we have. Downside for parents and kids - there will be a much smaller number of kids we can take on this year, so hurry on over and get your deposit in. Yep, heard that right - for the first time, we're able to take a deposit and the balance will be due the end of April.

One of the questions we are getting a lot these days is, "What happens if your farm sells?" Great question.
Our plan is to continue Farm Camp - property sold or not. If for some reason the new owners absolutely say no, we will issue 100% refunds, but it is our utmost desire that the "new owners" will keep running the farm just like it is!One of the reasons we haven't been is such a hurry to sell.

Are you ready? Well then, head on over to our website and take a look at the dates available and sign up! Not sure? Have questions? Drop us a note or give us a call and we'll  get 'em answered for you quickly. Don't delay - we've got a special offer for you early birds!

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