Scott and Farming

When I met Scott a little over 14 years ago now, one of the things that he told me about that really woo'd me was that he grew up on a farm in the rural parts of Indiana. He even told me how he worked on a turkey farm there. WOW, I thought to myself ... a country boy. And he drove a truck. Bonus.

You can imagine my surprise to find out later on, that his parents rented a house that was on a farm, but they didn't do anything other than look out the windows while the farmers worked the fields and waved at them as they drove past and that it was just a short time before they moved back to city living. Hmph.

It was only a few years ago did Scott reveal part of the truth of the turkey farm when we were looking after a batch of baby chicks. So cute and so fragile, they are fun to watch. Truth was, he didn't do much there at that ol' turkey farm. Eh, OK, he's here now working with - and enjoying the farm life. Scott came totally clean with his turkey farm experience this last year though. On one of our chicken processing days, we were discussing raising the chickens and butchering. We wandered down the conversation path to turkeys and low and behold it came out. The full truth. Yes, he did work on a turkey farm. For a day. Actually not even a full day. Just a few hours. "Seriously?", I asked wondering to myself. Turns out he spent a couple hours cleaning up after the critters. That's it. No chasing them down, feeding, or butchering.
Scott and the boys building a barn

Ask him now what he thinks. Some days he will groan about not being able to sleep in (um, you're an early riser honey), some days he will complain that he does all the work (wait, you always wanted that "alone" time to yourself), but most days, he can't imagine doing anything else. Working on the farm, building things, being creative on a budget are all very rewarding themselves - and he will be the first to tell you so.

He can set fence posts like nobody's business and fencing, well, not only is it pretty, but it's functional and straight. That is until I run into them with the tractor.
Chase down an unruly pig? You bet. And with ease.

Funny, all this time, I was thinking to myself that I picked up a country boy. Turns out, I just helped to created one.

Happy New Year all!

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