Welcome Roma

We are so happy to announce the arrival of Cramalot's Romalea ... or Roma for short. Here is our new girl ... round as can be! Roma is a daughter of 3pr., Hall of Fame winning stallion, Gromar, who is also sire to Grand Prix level, award winning Fjord WEZ. In this photo, she reminds me a lot of the ponies we used to draw as little girls at the kitchen table. How many pencils did we go through drawing and coloring those round little things?
Roma has spent her days of late in Grayland, WA only blocks away from the Pacific Ocean. A lot of what our girl has done so far has been trail riding - both on the trails as well as the beach. We plan on adding her in to our lesson program for beginners as well as having some future plans for breeding.
She is one of those wide body model Norwegian Fjord horse. I think the stocky models are what really attracted me to the Fjord horses in the first place. They look like a big comfy couch to sit on and remind me a little of myself - short and stocky. :-)

We will be holding another Open Barn weekend this Spring where we will be able to introduce our newest addition to the public.

What are your plans for this year? Do you plan on buying more horses or selling some off? Or maybe even, buying your first.

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