Haha, owch.

Me and Sveena.

Me and my little princess.

So, I was really surprised when my mom showed me just how many people actually read my blog! I must admit, its pretty awesome.

So, last Sunday[I think. I know it was Oct. 14th], my mom and dad were outside fencing making another[but bigger!] paddock area for them to run around in. The fencing got stuck on the t-post and they were trying to untangle it, but no such luck. When they finally got it undone, the t post edge came back and got my mom right on the head. Her head had basically been split open; so my dad rushed her to the ER where she got 9 stiches. It was discusting. And man, none of this would have happend if we would have just remember the right time for my cousins birthday party, cuz it happend when we should have been there. Cuz we thought it was an hour or two later... Haha...

So yeah, that's my big story of the day. Oh man, I got another one! I can tell you how crazy and rediculous my brothers are!! So, the smorning I wake up to hearing my mom say, "What are you doing?! Where are your underwear and shirts??" Yep. Of course. My brothers[8 & 3] were at it again. It was 5:30am and and they had been on the computer watching "Sonic X the headge-hog" since 2am. Lets just say, my mom was not happy about this! So of course both boys got their spankings. Evan was sent back to bed, and Dakota was sent to the dining room to finish his report thats due. My mom tryed to go back to bed, considering she also had been up since 2[she doesnt normally sleep good at night], and little while later she walks out to check on Dakota and to make sure hes doing his book report. Sure enough, BOTH boys were down in the guest bedroom watching cartoons! That was another spanking, considering Evan was suppost to be in his room and Dakota was suppost to be doing his report. Man, I swear those boys are never ganna learn!! Sheesh. By this time it was 6:15am, and I am still pissed with them, the fact that I have an orthodontist app. at 8:30 this morning, so that ment I was able to sleep in ti'll 7:30am, instead of being up at my normal 6:20am. But that sure didn't happen, now did it? So, since everyone was up and not going back to sleep at this point, my mom went to do the boys laundry. When she picked up Evans laundry basket, she also saw a big 'ol pee spot! Both the boys apparently though that it would be funny to pee on the floor! Man alive. Seriously boys, pull your heads outta your butts! So, again, they got spankings. Hard ones. Cuz apparently nothings going through to their thick skulls. Evan at this point, was tired of crying from his spankings and finally feel back asleep. It was about time. Dakota had to go to earily care at school like he does every Wednesday morning and didnt have ANYTHING together. I threw a roll, a pb&j sandwich and a thing of crackers in his backpack really quick. He didnt even have his homework folder. So hes ganna be a mess today. And so am I. I just realized what time it is, and I gotta go! I'm not even dressed and I have to leave in 5 minutes!! WELL, thats my life lately! haha

See ya

PS - If your reading this, tell me what you think! :)

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  1. Anonymous10/24/2007



    Dude, your brothers are wierd!!!
    CALL ME!
    On my house though,

    becasue our friggen calls ran my phone bill up 40$!!!