Farm Life Camp - 2015!!

Seriously now. We have so much fun at Farm Life Camp! 

This fun group was hands on from the moment they got here on day 1 learning about nutrition to grooming and yes, riding! As an added bonus for all, we keep our groups SMALL. Some camps think 30 is a small group and it may very well be for them, but for us, 9 is our max as it gives plenty of time for us to teach each of our kids as they learn best. That small number also allows us to take a large variety of ages with everyone still feeling fully involved. 

Horses, cattle, sheep, chickens ... what will we add this year? You'll have to come to find out. :) 

2014 camps sold out, so now is the time to get signed up! More information can be found at: www.willowsedgefarm.com/farm-life.html

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