A little late but ...here goes.

One year. 365 days. It's been a busy year.

We've gone from living in a 240 sq ft camper - life on the road back to life on a farm.

We've purchased a farm outside of Boise, Idaho in Kuna. We've made Idaho our home and then decided that it would be our "retirement" home state after we put in a few more years of work in Washington.

We lived in the little farm house and worked on it. Blood, sweat and tears of ours are permanently imbedded in that house.

We've moved off the farm to share a home with grandma & the oldest. And traveled thousands of miles back and forth between WA & ID.

We've worked hard on our farm in Kuna trying to make it similar to what we've created at our Bothell farm. It's not even close yet. It IS, however, far safer now than it was when we purchased it. It has far less weeds and the soil is regaining it's health with real fertilizers being added (read: manure).

We've made new friends. Great friends actually. We've worked on maintaining our friendships in WA while traveled back and forth.

In the meantime have found a few other projects to eventually help fund our farm vision & the lifestyle we want for our "retirement farm".

All of this and yet there are days I still feel confused about that our future holds and how we'll get there.


  1. Hi, I have brought my kids to your open barn days. It is memory that will forever be cataloged in their baby books :) We live in Kenmore, Wa and I have recently been looking to move to the Lewiston, Id area. I have been a "country girl at heart" all my life (my grandparents live in North Dakota) and I am feeling the "calling" again to move my family somewhere with that farm feel and sense of community that I just can't find around here. I would greatly appreciate any tips or information that you could give on relocation to Idaho.
    Thank you so much!
    Caron Coburn

    1. Hi Caron!
      Thanks for your comment - if you can email me directly, we can chat more - willows edge farm at gmail dot com. Remove all the spaces and change the symbols. :-)