Red Velvet Cupcakes - No Chemicals!

Red Velvet Cupcakes without the chemical food coloring...with BEETS!

While they may not be your cup of tea, I'm telling you, your body will thank you for not pumping it full of a man made chemical called Red Dye #40 (or whatever other number they call it). And in fact, with the added fiber and minerals, can we possibly call this a healthy cake. :)

Some people say to roast the beets in the oven and then the skin will peel off easily. It will and your house will smell like dirt too. I know.

Here's my easy way to peel beets. Under water. Yep, that easy. Turn on your cold water, cut off the top, cut off the bottom and use a peeler to skin the rest. All, with the water lightly running. No stains and peeled beets! Now, to cut them up, I used a plastic grocery bag laid on the counter, set the peeled beet on it and held the little guy with the bag while I cut it in half. From there I cut up a few more chunks and was able to take the bag to the pot, dump it in and toss the bag which did a fabulous job of being re-used.

I am using the all natural red velvet cake recipe from sophistimom. No need to re-invent this wheel when someone smarter than me got it right. I will mention that using LESS cocoa powder will give you the red results you're looking for.

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