Everything is Frozen or How to Water Livestock Creatively

Yes, it's cold. So cold, for so long, that all our pipes around the farm have frozen. Solid. The only place where there is still running water, is the wellhouse. One of the "downsides" to livestock is their ever present need for food and water. Daily. Actually, twice a day if they're not just grazing.

So, instead of hauling water by the 5 gallon bucket, 300 feet, each way, through the snow (yes, had to add that in there), we got a little more creative.

We have a tractor. The tractor has a bucket. A large bucket. Maybe a 30 gallon bucket. So, off we go, filling up the bucket of the tractor with fresh water for the horses and cows.

We've noticed a few things. One, it helps if you fill the tractor bucket with snow first and then you won't loose as much water on the drive over. Even though we're probably driving about 2 miles an hour, there is still sloshing going on and the goal is to get the water from point a to point b with as little loss as possible.
Two, it helps to fill the 150 gallon water tank with snow so the "warmish" water, coupled with the tank heater can melt it down and we can save a trip. Or two!
Third, and certainly not least, we've got to have a sense of humor about all this...when it finally begins to thaw again, we'll have plenty of other things to worry about. (Yes, it was almost torture to get Farmer Scott to crack a grin).

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