We Adopted Chickens

Interim stall area for the hens
We adopted 4 chickens. Well, sort of. We bought them from one of the local hatcheries, who yes, raised them in large batteries. They did not know how to be chickens ... We put them in a stall to begin with and they just stood there. We tossed a little food on the floor for them and same thing. Nothing. Eventually, they walked over to an area where we tossed in some greens on the floor and once one started, the other three came over and started eating. They are now starting to scratch the ground in their new portable pasture pen looking for goodies.
Pastured pen that will travel along behind the cows and their patties
We feel like we're giving them a new life with fresh air, sunshine and love. They, in return, are giving us eggs NOW! I will say though, those first few eggs in their system were really quite gross. A pale yellow in comparison to the eggs we've been buying from one of our neighbors that has those amazing orangy, golden yolks. It will come though.

We have another dozen 6 week old chicks that we'll be putting out with these hens in the next couple days. For those who are introducing new chickens to an established flock, the best time for introduction is just past twilight. The flock will be more receptive to the new ones if they are added in while they are in that sleepy mode. In the morning as they all wake up together, it's like, "Oh. Hey. I think you're new, but since you're here welcome to the flock." Add them in the middle of the day and you've got fighting for days trying to decide where the pecking order is.

The next time you crack an egg open, think about how the hen that laid that egg was raised. Then think about getting eggs from a local who actually lets them have green space.

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