Lochlann and Roxanne - Our New Additions

Part of the vision I had over a decade ago, was a small with small animals. Not miniatures by any means, but small, very productive animals. The Norwegian Fjord horses are the ultimate in multi purpose, small draft type horses.
Irish Dexter cattle grazing

To them I wanted to add cows. My mother raised cows. My grandfather raised cows. My great-grandfather raised cows. Don't know about further back as my momma doesn't remember and there isn't anyone left to ask. I'm guessing it went a little further back though and is in my blood as well. Anyway, cows. I wanted a small cow, not miniature, that was very productive. In all of my research, the Irish Dexter cattle fit the bill over and over again. Higher fat content than a Jersey for their milk and a higher yield of meat to live weight, with less cost to get them to market than the typical beef breeds. And then there is their disposition. Kind, gentle and absolutely adorable. They are also a "recovering" breed from a rare breed status. While more and more people are breeding them, they are also discovering their amazing beef qualities and so part of what is being "recovered" is also being consumed.

Lochlann still shedding out his winter coat
Without further ado, meet Lochlann and Roxanne. Both registered, purebred Irish Dexter cattle. I specifically bought them because of their amazing dispositions. A breeding bull you can walk up to and pet. Almost like a dog - just don't rub where their horns would be. I say almost, because I don't know any 800 pound dogs and will be cautious around any animal that large. He is very mild though and you can lead him with a halter and lead right into the trailer. Sweet boy! He is a red, polled bull who throws a little more meat on his calves along with his red colored and polled stature (no horns).
Roxanne wanting to visit even in the rain

Roxanne is black, polled and petite. She carries the red and dun genes and has the A2/A2 milk gene as well. She is definitely a sweet little girl and we are proud to have her as part of our new herd.

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