The Rebuilding of a Farm: New Stall Fronts

The farm has been vacant for at least a year, but seems to have been run down for many more than that. Repairs abound! We love it though despite all the little kwirks and needed repairs. The Visiting Barn has some new stall fronts - in the front of the barn. Go figure! In addition to beefing up the structure to make sure it lasts another 30 years (it was missing vital, structural supports), we cut some openings at the front for entrance both front and rear to the stalls with their runs. 2 stalls had front openings and 3 had rear openings. Sorry, I am way to fussy to waist time running front to back to retrieve horses and access stalls.

Stall fronts before - no access from the front
I have such a great hubby! He made some great stall fronts for us. They're not done yet, they are getting the big cross in the middle for additional support, but he wanted to wait until I picked out the paint colors for the barn and trim before he finished them completely. By the way, we're going with a little richer red and black trim around the doors and posts with the white gutters. I know it will look nice when we get it done ...
Stall fronts after - DOORS!

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