26 Days of Homelessness

Not homeless in the truest definition of the word, but we spent 26 days on the road without "our home". We decided to go home to surprise our oldest and grandma for Christmas but we had a couple reasons for leaving our camper in Texas while we drove back to WA. First, we were offered a free campground space with electricity for a month. Whoohoo! Second reason - we really weren't sure if the camper could handle the freezing temps of the northern states. Lastly, we thought that by not hauling the camper we'd be able to go further each day and with the gas savings, it would pay for a cheap motel.

We did get home and LOVED getting to scare the pants off our daughter and mom and just as much, getting to visit with our best friends that we left 6 month earlier. Boy oh boy did we miss you all! But back to the story. You just read all those reasons, right? Free rent truly was appreciated. As for the rest, I guess I'm thinking, "oh me of little faith".

The temps were, as you know, un-seasonably warm. Hit one patch of snow in N Texas/New Mexico boarder. That was it. As for the speed, yes we were able to go more miles in a day and got better gas mileage. Not enough to make up for hotel costs in addition to all the meals out. Can I say YUK! While it's nice to have someone cook for me, trying to find healthy AND affordable eating out options 2-3 times a day left me queezy. Really. Lastly, that one part that we never took into consideration - we had no home.

Yes, it's tiny - all 240 square feet of it. Yes, we were only planning on living in it for 2-4 months. 6 tops. But it's still our home, with our cooking supplies, our beds, our comforts. Some 30 days later now and another 5,600 miles added on the truck we are finally home again. I'm so happy to have it back again. So are the boys. Sometimes we just need to have a time of separation to so truly appreciate what we have.

What have you experienced like this before?

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  1. Nothing like a little time away from the rig to appreciate the comforts when you return. Well said.