Colonial Williamsburg

No cars allowed. Horses and feet are your options for travel.
Should you choose to travel to the south-east, this should be one of the destinations on your short list. Historic Williamsburg is a quaint town that has been recreated with historic homes and businesses as they would have been in their day. 

Walking the streets with our youngest, we came across a young lady dressed in 18th century clothing, sitting outside doing needlepoint, one of the many actors and actresses in Williamsburg. We had to stop and chat. She was Emily, the second oldest of 10 children, who was needle-pointing a new handkerchief as a gift for her mother who had just given birth to her youngest brother.

She was quite smitten with our youngest as he shyly stood behind mom, peeking at her every now and again. Emily commented to Evan at how nice and quiet he was in comparison to her new baby brother. That brought a smile of joy as he is the loudest in our family. When we asked Evan if he wouldn't love to have 9 other brothers and sisters, he smiled. Emily though was quick to tell us that it wasn't 9 siblings she had, but rather only 7. Death in infancy was not uncommon in early America. 
The boys in the public stocks. Hmmm, maybe I should have left them there a little longer.

Many of the homes and businesses that you will go into are as exact to period as can be - except their prices.

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