Abby the Wonder Dog

Abby is playful and has tons of energy. Given a mix of Basenji, Jack Russell and maybe a little Chihuahua, it's not really a surprise.
Playful and curious

We went to the beach with her and she found a friend. A beautiful, almost white, Golden Retriever, 6 month old "pup". Abby did what she did best and gave him a workout that his owner (or any of us for that matter), could never come close to giving another dog. She ran in circles around him, took his toys and generally gave him a super day at the beach. We saw them only a little while later and that big boy was taking a nap after that workout!

We did find something she doesn't like: water. Or at least the waves crashing up to her, since she will jump in the tub for a bath.
Oh no! Water!

Miss Abby was still on the hunt for another playmate to have fun with. Oh Abby, what are we going to do with you?

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