OK, I'm finally going to do it

The boys have been on me for too long about a tablet and now with the introduction of the totally cool new Kindle Fire with it's full color  7" screen and Wi-Fi, I've put my name on the waiting list for this gadget.

Yes, we do have a laptop and I'd said I would be content with that for our trip. But if you have tried holding a full size laptop while your driving down the road (in the passenger seat that is), getting out maps, passing out school work and having a little coffee all without harming the laptop, you totally understand where this desire is coming from.

Why not the iPad? Really, it's all about the money. An iPad would be nice, but really, with all the features of the new Kindle Fire I don't see enough of a difference to warrant the extra money.

I've been using the Kindle app on my iPhone for quite some time. It has been so fun to read some of the old books while we are traveling down the road. Really, I think Scott and I are the only one's really interested, but hey, if they get a few words in their ears here and there, why not.

Here's the deal though ... they don't come out until mid November, so this will be one of the family Christmas presents. Now it's up to you to keep the secret. Or maybe add one to your Christmas list, tell me and we can keep secrets together.

What do you think - am I nuts? More than normal, I mean.

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