Stockpiling in 240 Square Feet

For those who know me, one of the questions we've received over and over again goes something like, "where are you going to store things?" normally meaning pantry supplies. I stockpile. Yep, I'll admit it. As much as I love growing our own food - both vegetables as well as meat - there are things I buy as well. Sheesh, I love a good deal. I have growing boys who eat. A lot. Although, looking at them, you would think they were starved, but really, they eat a lot. And a lot of cereal to start their day with, because let's face it, how many days in a row and how many different ways can you eat eggs. OK, I'm not thrilled with their choices, but come on, we have to pick and choose our battles and as long as they eat, I'm fine with buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios or Honey Chex, but I absolutely refuse to pay $4-5 a box for them. More often than not, I won't pay more than about $1 per box after coupons and special sales.

Not fully packed yet, but this was for our trial run.
Same goes with things like pasta, sauces, snacks, toilet paper and other consumables. One of my requirements for our camper was storage space, because the last thing I wanted to do was spend a small fortune on food while on the road. So here I go ... trying to learn how to stockpile those things that are not necessarily necessities, but those "convenience" foods.

Fresh foods and meats are going to be purchased every couple days and hopefully, from small local farmers.  Our refrigerator/freezer is about the size of a small apartment size. SMALL.

Our camper has storage! Here is my new "pantry"... Not the same as the lovely walk in pantry Farmer Scott built me for Mother's Day so many years ago, but it'll do.

Storage drawers underneath the dinette seats.
They were also very clever in finding those "extra" spaces, like underneath the dining room seats, pictured above is one of them. Yes, I do have enough cereal, thank you. I'll post more later but at least wanted to share these photos with you so you know that yes, I will be fine for storage. 2,400 square feet to 240 square feet. Life is changing.

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