Library Book History

Did you know you can look back at your library book checkout history? You ask, "what does this have to do with farm life?" Give me a minute and I'll share.

We have an amazing library system for King county and online, I stumbled onto an area where I can look up and see my book checkout history. It's funny to see the list because, just like our checkbooks show where our finances go, my library record show a true accounting of where my heart really is. Family, faith, homeschooling, business and ... farming. Agriculture to be a little more specific. I'm looking back as far as 2005 and see books on square foot gardening, raising beef cattle and more about chickens. Lots of books on farm living and the animals that come with it.

I realize that no matter how long I live, there will be a piece of my soul that has farming in it. All I have to do is take a little walk through history to know that it won't change. Mom. Grandpa. Great-grandpa. I'm researching now to see just how far this disease goes.

In the meantime, take a look here on the blog and you can see some of my latest favorite books (to the left).

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