Free Giveaway - 1 Pair of tickets to Opening Day at Emerald Downs

REALLY cool giveaway ... we have two tickets for Opening Day at EMERALD DOWNS to give away. 
For each new person you have 'Like Us' on our Facebook page, you will get an entry - NO LIMIT! Your friend will also be entered into the giveaway. 
Have your friends put your name in a comment along with EMERALD DOWNS. You can post one yourself saying EMERALD DOWNS. 

We will pick a winner from a random number, scroll down the list of entries and see who the winner is when we stop at that number. We will let you know on Thursday morning and you can make plans for Friday night! 

BONUS: If "Grandma Karen's" horse wins on Opening Day, you can join us in the Winner's Circle for a rare photo opportunity!

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