Closing the Farm

Well, we're almost there ... the farm is closing up by mid April. Desmond went to live on a great farm in Fall City, WA. Mina and Neesa are heading down to Oregon, Elsie Rose will be heading over to continue work as a therapy horse and Ole ... well, we're not quite sure where Ole will end up yet. We're still trying to finalize his plans.

We're getting ready for the next adventure in our lives...for the family and for our farm. We welcome you to join with us for the next part of the journey as we travel across America, learning about our rich history with our boys (I have to say, this will probably be our biggest home school project ever) and blogging about our adventures. We plan to stop at many farms along the way - we, along with most farm owners - enjoying finding out what makes things "click" in different areas. How they "do" farming can be completely different than how we "do" farming. Finding the perfect place to re-establish Willows Edge Farm is on our list of travel projects.

We will continue to post where we are in each stage of the way and have another post coming in the next few days as to our short term plans. You WON'T want to miss that one!

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