Time ... where does it go?

I have days I wonder where the times goes. Last week in particular, when I was looking at the calender for a night that the Mr and I could go out for a date night. I found one - 3 weeks into the future. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE what we do, but there are days we just kind of look at each other and say, "Oh hi! It's you!" to each other.
We have been so blessed this year by all the wonderful folks who have made the farm their second home, even if only a day a week, but they have taken the farm to heart and loved it. We are in those final weeks of full on, farm life - it all ends October 30 for us and we can put the farm to bed, so to speak, for the winter. Yes, some of the riding lessons will continue, but even my student schedule is being put on a break from mid-November until the end of February. Yep. You heard it. Tammy will still be teaching, but I am taking a much needed break/vacation, to spend some time with the kids. Chelsea graduates this year. Actually, she was told she only has one math session to do and then she's done. Where in the world did 18 years go. Time. It has it's own little way of getting past us when we weren't looking.

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