Birthday Parties on the Farm & Special Events

We know kids and parents alike both have a great time at our Birthday Parties on the Farm but recently got our first, official (and un-solicited) review on Yelp. The mom talks about how she may have had as much fun as her daughter!
This last week, we also had a mom stop by to see more of our farm before scheduling her daughter's party...one of her concerns - and reasons she chose us - was that we didn't "decorate" the Fjords. I'm going to step on my soap box for a moment: Horses (and ponies) are living, breathing, emotional creatures. I'm not sure how the horses feel about being "dressed up" for parties on a regular basis, but from the photos I've seen, most do not look thrilled. Personally, as a horse person for over 30 years, I can't imagine doing this to them. We have dressed them with special bridles and even saddle pads. Way back in the day, we dressed up as Indians and put our handprints on our horse's behind, but to dye a horses hair pink, I don't think so. Neither did the mom that stopped by. OK, done with the soap box, thank you for listening :-)
     Our parties are educational ... while some of the kids may be riding, the rest are off to see the chickens, pigs, rabbits or gardens...parents in tow! We have some fun, farm games we offer for different packages as well as a variety of available options to add on. Actually, we just got some beautiful, ceramic "garden" pots that we're going to package with soil and a plant to offer as a great goody bag present so you have one less thing to think about. We're working on putting together a package for the BBQ now ... We are also open to suggestions - if we can, we try to make it work.
For more information about our Farm Birthday Parties you can visit our website: Farm Parties
     Recently we had a large group use the facility as an ending location for an "Amazing Race" type event - we were the end of the race! They had a large BBQ and we had 3 picnic tables as well as some other seating options. The guests were thrilled to see a real farm as the venue and loved getting to go visit with all the animals. Let us know if your company is looking for a venue for their fall BBQ. We'd love to help!

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