Warmer weather, here we come!

Today was another one of those gray days in Seattle. No rain - thank you Lord! But still gray. The days are getting longer though and I'm not the only one noticing ... the chickens have ramped up their egg laying production - WOW! For a while there we were getting only 2 eggs a day. Yes, you read right, two. All the while feeding about 25 of them. One is a rooster and nine are still technically "babies" and not laying yet, but that leaves 15 that should be laying eggs on most days.
Well, about a week or so ago, the production went from two, to three, to four, then to seven and now up to eight eggs a day. Whoohoo! We're past the half way point in "production". So warmer weather is certainly to come, along with these longer days. I can hardly wait to feel that sun warming the side of my face. Ahhh. Only a little while longer, I keep telling myself.
On a completely different note, I was reading this fascinating study on farm websites today, put out by Jane Eckert and her company, Eckert AgriMarketing. It was asking how many farms use their websites to set up farm tours automatically. I was amazed at  the number that didn't - including us. I then started thinking, well, maybe if we set it up for the farm tours, we could also set it up for the birthday parties as well. We know we need to do something ... What do you think?

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