Moses Lake Fjord Show with PNFPG


The Moses Lake, Washington fjord show had been amazing so far! Kudos to all that have plan/orgainized it!!! It has been so cool watching everyone show; from doing barrell racing to trail riding... And there are some stunning fjords! I'm in awe to how amazing this all is!! Its awesome!!! I'm so excited that I'll be showing next year... mabey my mom will show Ole'! I'm hoping that I could actually show on both Kjor Tina AND Elsie Rose.

Well, tomorrow we're FINALLY ganna be home after the 13 day trip... Exciting!! XD

I'm pooped, So I'll write more another time.

Peace Out,


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  1. Hi Chelsea,
    I love that you had fun...and that we didn't kill each other on the two week trip!!! :-) JK. Love you girl! Good writing too ...